VAIT AGROPARTNERS (parent company VAIT – VA Intertrading Aktiengesellschaft, Austria) has demonstrated modern agricultural machinery from well-known world producers on Poltava region in the Pyriatynsky area during the day.

The agrarian market of Ukraine and its real potential are increasingly attracting well-known world-class agricultural production brands to take part in its development. They are ready to offer our agrarians modern technology and provide favorable financial conditions for its acquisition. These are the units today offered to farmers VAIT AGROPARTNERS, which recently opened its new representative office in Ukraine. Where, if not on the Field Days, one could get acquainted with the possibilities of aggregates, which will help to implement plans of domestic farmers. It should be noted that the event was held in accordance with European standards. Even the cold, wet weather did not stop the demonstration of technology. All participants received the information they wanted to hear and were able to test the drive.

Opening the technology presentation, a member of the board of directors VAIT – VA Intertrading Aktiengesellschaft Peter Weigel said that their company has been selling grain, metal, fertilizer, agricultural machinery, seed material for more than 30 years. “In Eastern Europe, we have been working for a long time. The last ten years are present on the Ukrainian market. Your country is strategic for us. We export from Ukraine more than one million tons of grain crops. This is one of the reasons why today, together with our partner, Deutz Fahr, we give the official start to the work of the new company “FA Intertraiding Ukraine”, which sells and serves agricultural machinery.

Our main assets in Ukraine are in the Pyryatyn district, so we built a elevator there. In addition, in our plans – the creation of a stationary service center for maintenance of equipment.

Investing in the agricultural sector of Ukraine, in particular in the field of technology, is very promising for business. Today you have the opportunity to get acquainted with the best world-wide models of agricultural machinery, to evaluate and make your own choice, “Mr. Weigel appealed to the agrarians.

In turn, Dmitry Groza, General Director of VAIT AGROPARTNERS Ukrainian Branch, FA Intertraiding Ukraine , said that part of the technology demonstrated by the company is presented in Ukraine for the first time, however, there is also such , which has already proven itself well in our fields. Farmers who buy agricultural parcels from us will offer the best price, flexible and profitable financing and lending schemes, as well as the opportunity to purchase a barter technology for future harvest.

Also presented were tractors, combine harvesters Deutz Fahr, soil tillage machines and seeders from Bednar, Rabe, Dondi, Olimak corn headers, Hardi sprayers. Among the novelties for the Ukrainian market were also represented roller and harrow of the 9th series of Dondi.

It is worth noting that the field day involved top managers and owners of companies that produce agricultural machinery. This once again confirms that VAIT AGROPARTNERS has a good reputation. According to the guests of the event, today Ukraine is one of the leaders in the global grain market, and its positions will only be strengthened, and hence, the need for modern and high-quality equipment will increase. Therefore, they are seeking to establish cooperation with a new domestic company representing their products in the Ukrainian market, and VAIT AGROPARTNERS can be a reliable partner.

Near each of the techniques presented, the specialists of the manufacturing companies gave a detailed account of its advantages and capabilities.



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