In Ukraine, a new dealership of tractors and combines Deutz-Fahr, as well as a number of trailer equipment – VAIT Agropartners.

The VAIT Agroparthers product catalog includes Deutz-Fahr tractors and combines, Olimac reapers, pre-seeding and tillage machines Bednar, Dondi, Hatzenbichler, Rabe, multipurpose continuous and accurate seedbeds Bednar and Sfoggia, heavy duty trailers and self-propelled Hardi sprayers.

The company is an official dealer of these brands, including the European market.

The VAIT Corporation Headquarters (VA Intertrading Aktiengesellschaft) is located in Linz, Austria, and the company itself is multidisciplinary. For example, the metallurgical plant of the corporation carries out work on ore processing and the production of body parts for plants such as Bentley and Mercedes.

VAIT Agropartners has been present in Ukraine for more than 10 years in the grain export segment, and is one of the largest traders, exporting about 80 thousand tons annually. Another direction in Ukraine is the Zaporizhzhya transformer factory, which owns a concern.

The company was officially released to the market of agricultural machinery in Ukraine on July 4, 2016, however, it began operating in full force in January 2017. In the spring of 2017, the demo tours of the Deutz-Fahr Agrotron 9340 TTV tractor and trailer equipment, in particular, the Bednar Omega OO Ferti seeding complex, were conducted on the territory of the Kyiv, Poltava and Cherkasy regions. And at the Agro-2017 exhibition, the first large-scale demonstration of the company’s machinery was held.

As told by the correspondent of, the general director of the Ukrainian branch of VAIT Agropartners – VA Intertrading Ukraine Dmitry Groza, despite the fact that the full force of work in the field of technology company has only launched since January, has already been able to achieve good customer feedback from the point of view of service and maintenance of equipment. And in the first half of the year it was possible to implement trailer equipment worth about 0.5 million Euros, and tractors – 300 thousand Euros.

The company actively invests money in the service and training of specialists. To date, service cars have one of the best complete sets, and are capable of working long enough without going back to the base.

The company plans to increase globally the percentage of Deutz-Fahr machinery in the Ukrainian market. To date, VA Intertrading has opened 3 branches: a dealership center in Kiev, branches in Poltava and Vinnitsa will soon open areas of equipment. It plans to open several more branches in the southern regions by the end of the year, in particular, in Odessa.



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